Selenium +Cucumber += Automated Front Tests

Who put that Selenium in my Cucumber? (Or how to test the Front-end)

Tests are key to deliver good quality to the customer, which of course is one of our main focuses. But testing this by hand usually takes too much time, time in which the customer is not benefiting from your feature. In this article we explain how we automated most of our tests of the Front-end with the help of Selenium, Cucumber and NodeJS among other technologies, which gave us the ability to speed up a lot the number of releases and time to market.

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Release: Decisions, Decisions

Concepts like continuous delivery, time to market or innovation are very important at eDreams ODIGEO (eDO). Working on a product like ours makes us focus on the customer. This means that we want to bring the features to them as soon as we can. The present article covers how we manage each release in the front end team and the challenges we face to take decisions around it.

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Continuous Delivery in Odigeo

Many of our colleagues have already wondered what is going on in the staircase in our Bailen office (Barcelona). Faces of happy people popping up on the wall committing to something which is new and exciting. We have been changing Odigeo towards agility for more than a year. Our focus has so far been the

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