eDreams ODIGEO – Actively supporting the European tech scene!

This year, eDreams ODIGEO had the pleasure of participating, encouraging and supporting some of the most exciting, well-known tech events in Europe: AppsWorld London, Productized Lisbon, Codemotion Madrid, Devoxx Antwerp to name just a few. Apart from that, locally, at our HQ in Barcelona, we have been facilitating several meetups for the local tech community.

In e-commerce, every day brings new challenges that can quickly shift the sector. We are constantly transforming our ways of working as well as the products we offer to our customers. We truly believe these initiatives will allow us to acquire knowledge and keep abreast of changes in the industry, as well as to network, meet and inform our future talent about the challenges we face as one of the world’s largest online travel agencies.

Thanks to our colleagues in IT, Product and UI/UX design who took part in these initiatives, we were able to further strengthen our position as one of the major players in the IT industry. The focus for 2017 will be on improving and investing even more in the long term sustainability of these events. Follow our corporate Twitter/LinkedIn accounts for more news!


Special thanks go to:

Angela Pesta (Senior Director UX) – guest speaker at AppsWorld London, on the future of mobile apps;

Pablo Azaña, Hugo José Peral Gómez & Jose Ramón Salazar (Native Apps) – Codemotion Madrid, workshop “TV Future is Apps – tvOS vs AndroidTV”: https://github.com/odigeoteam/AndroidTV-workshop ; https://github.com/odigeoteam/tvOS-workshop

Alfredo Delli Bovi (iOS Developer) – NSBCN MeetUp on UITableViews: https://github.com/odigeoteam/TableViewKit