Our 2nd #HackathonODIGEO – The Results

In the last edition of our Hackathon, over 60 of our colleagues from Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca and Alicante participated in the 2nd #HackathonODIGEO. The 15 teams spent 24 hours (that’s with no sleep!) developing their innovative ideas to present to the jury. The results of their hard work were extremely impressive and teams can’t wait to see them put into action. Also, a big thank you to the Dev Hackathon committee (Manuel Sanchez, Pello Olaskoaga, Ruben Pila) for putting on this great eDreams ODIGEO event.

The Kick-off

On Thursday, April 14, all hackers met at 10 am in the Barcelona Bailen office Atico, with Madrid hackers joining via Hangout, for the official kick-off with Philippe Vimard, COO & CTO.

kick off collage

madrid bcn alicante


After the kick-off by our Chief Technology Officer, the teams started hacking…

img_2729 img_2734 img_2739 img_2748 madrid-hackers-morning

Presentation to the Jury

After 24 hours of hacking, the hackers presented their demos to the jury. The presentations were streamed live via webinar to all locations.

presenting hackathon jury



Some of the hackers relaxing and/or sleeping on the terrace at the office. It’s evident they’re exhausted after working non-stop for 24+ hours.

post hackathon terrace

Awards Ceremony

Pello and Philippe were the masters of the Awards Ceremony which was held in the Barcelona Bailen Atico, with Madrid attending via Hangout and all other locations watching live via webinar.

A big thank you to Corporate IT and Rul Ramirez for all of their help with the event set-up and filming, without them it wouldn’t have been possible to stream the ceremony live to all eDreams ODIGEO offices.

hackathon awards collage

The Winners

Best Overall Hack

As decided by the jury.

Team: Arturo Lopez, Felice Andreae, Javier Mota, Javier Ruiz, Nadine Piecha

The Hack: “Personalized Experience”

Most Popular Hack

As decided by team mates.

Team: Adria Saborit, Christian Bajo, Gerard Grauges, Javier Escolano, Jordi Salvador, Carolina Venteo, Omar Helwani

The Hack: BI Realtime Dashboard.

hackathon winners collage

The Post-Hackathon

After the Hackathon, we celebrated the teams’ hard work with a special afterwork.

post hack collage